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    You owe it to your family ...

    The ramifications of decertifying a union are swift and immediate. One second after the National Medical Board tallies the vote, you will have no contract and no status quo. Management will regain the unilateral authority to change wages, modify benefits and alter working conditions at its whim. Do not be fooled: OneSky management is under no obligation to meet the demands listed in the decerters’ mission statement. 

    Despite claims to the contrary, reinstating a union is not an easy task, and even if a new advocate comes on property, it will take years to negotiate a contract. OneSky would be the first and only pilot group in the history of aviation to decertify their union and opt for no representation, which certainly has implications for the group across the industry. 

    Given many decades of management behavior across the aviation industry, one could reasonably assume pay will remain flat or decrease and your out-of-pocket benefit costs will increase. Both of these scenarios will impact your ability to provide for your family. 

    Ask yourself: Why would the company publicly support a decertification campaign? Answer? Because it is more profitable to run a dictatorship than a democracy.