Vote your interests ...

    At long last, we have entered a pilot’s market. As fellow labor organizations have rallied behind you with letters of support and offers of assistance, they have emphasized the confluence of factors currently in a professional pilot’s favor, including a sharper focus on safety, a high demand for pilots, the increasing shortage of qualified aviators, a healthy economy and an increase in travel across the U.S. population. As one labor leader put it, “Decertification would … start the reversal of all of our hard-fought gains.”

    To choose to decertify Local 1108 is a vote against your own self interests. Again, that we are enjoying a pilot’s market is indisputable. Why forfeit your bargaining leverage by trusting a management team that has no track record of fair play? Indeed, it would be foolish for any one of us to sacrifice our potential earnings and benefits in the best pilot hiring market of our careers.

    Despite promises to the contrary, without a union, OneSky management can:

    • reduce your pay 
    • increase your out-of-pocket benefit costs 
    • increase the length of the duty day
    • schedule shorter rest periods
    • ignore seniority rights
    • offer out-of-seniority upgrades 
    • make unilateral changes to your work rules 
    • outsource revenue flying 
    • terminate employees with or without reason 

    Are you willing to take this chance in this marketplace?