• Voting FAQs

    Is my vote confidential?

    Yes, the National Mediation Board, a federal agency, conducts the vote.  No one at the company or Union will know how you voted.  All NMB voting is by secret ballot. To access the TEV and Internet Voting system, the voter must enter a confidential, randomly-assigned, twelve-digit Access Code. An Access Code is assigned to a single voter in a single representation election conducted by the Board and is never used again. A voter’s name and Access Code are known only to the voter and to the Election Administrator at the NMB. 

    Can I change my vote after it is cast?

    No, you will not be able to change your vote once it is cast.  We encourage you to take the necessary time to make an informed decision.  The vote closes on May 30th. 

    Can instructor pilots & check airmen vote?

    Yes, these employees are part of the craft or class and they are permitted to vote. 

    Are pilots out on personal, medical or military leave eligible to vote?

    Yes, employees on authorized leaves of absence including military leave, leave for labor organization activities, or authorized sick leave are eligible to vote. 

    What will our choices be on the ballot?

    Your choices will be IBT 1108, No Representation, Frank Woelke, and Write-In. 

    How many times can I vote?

    You may only vote once. 

    What happens if I have any type of technical issue?

    If you experience any problems with the telephone or Internet voting systems, please call the NMB at 1-800-488-0019 ext. 5040 (Monday through Friday, 8:30 AM to 5:00 PM ET).  

    Is the vote electronic or telephonic?

    Elections are conducted by Telephone Electronic Voting (TEV) and Internet Voting. Approximately three weeks prior to the tally, each voter is mailed Voting Instructions explaining how to vote. In a standard TEV and Internet Voting election, employees either call in to cast their vote or access the Board’s voting website. The way to vote for representation is to select one of the “Yes” options. The way to vote for no representation is to select the “No” option for no representative. The votes are tallied electronically. The results of the tally are provided to the organization(s) and the carrier in writing. 

    What if I do not receive voting instructions or an access code?

    Voting instructions and a confidential Access Code is mailed directly to your home at the address given to the NMB by the company. If you do not receive your Access Code by May 7, 2018, you may contact the NMB to request a duplicate Access Code. Your request must be in writing and signed by you. The request must be in an individual envelope. No group requests are accepted. Requests by telephone or facsimile are not accepted. Mail the request to: NMB, Offce of Legal Affairs, 1301 K Street, NW, Suite 250 East, Washington, DC 20005. No requests will be accepted after May 23, 2018.  Be sure to include your correct mailing address in your request to the NMB. 

    How is the winner determined?

    If an organization or individual receives a majority of the valid votes cast, it will be certified as the representative. If the majority of votes cast are for no representation, no representative will be certified. The possibility of a run-off election between the two receiving the highest amount of votes exists should a simple majority not be achieved for any one selection.

    Vote closes May 30th at 2 pm